Where you can get kong/steam rotmg for 059 cheat

Its not easy, but if you follow this manual all will fine.

How to get KONG secret code

  1. Open game http://www.kongregate.com/games/wild_shadow/realm-of-the-mad-god

  2. Open console: F12 for chrome/ctrl+shift+t for firefox

  3. Paste script and Enter. It is safe.

    document.location.href = 'http://' + 'realmofthemadgodhrd.appspot.com/kongregate/getcredentials?' + jQuery.param({ userId: active_user.id(), gameAuthToken: active_user.gameAuthToken()})

  4. Get srting like this

    GUID > kongregate:41122364 < And Secret > LouaTGqCyJHX9p7sfdsfTIkNfDzTDX4gCwfLM= <

    Your GUID - kongregate:numbers (WITH NUMBERS, WITH KONGREGATE!). Your secret - all symbols WITH =

  5. Now use GUID and secret for login to 059 cheat hack client

    Important! Leave "password" bank. GUID instead email. Example: kongregate:4111111

How to get STEAM secret code

  1. Download and install Fiddler4 https://www.telerik.com/download/fiddler/fiddler4

  2. Open fiddler. Press F12 for stop capture. Set to non-browser traffic in bottom.

  3. Install decode

  4. Launch game and login

    Press F12 again for capture traffic.

    Find /steamworks/getcredentials on traffic or use ctrl+F5 for search. Click screenshot for more.

  5. Now login to 059 cheat hack client

    Important! Leave password blank. Example: steamworks:1111111 as email. Secret to secret. With =

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