rotmg lags

•All methods for reduse or fix lags and freezes

First you need - understand source of lags - network (client-server) or graphic.

Settings - conrols - bind Toggle Performance Stats

Reduce graphic lags in Realm of the Mad God

Options - Graphics

  1. Toggle Ally projectiles (N) - off in dungeon

  2. Particle effect - low

  3. hardware acceleration - on

  4. UI quality - better low

  5. draw text bubbles - better off

  6. HP bars - better self&en if solo

  7. Toggle Fame and HP/MP text - better off

Options - Experimental

  1. Disable enemy particles - on

  2. Disable Players Hit Particles - on

  3. Toggle New Minimap Colors - not sure, try

  4. Disable ally notifications - better on

  5. Disable ally damage text - on

  6. Disable ally shoots - all for best effect

  7. Disable Particles master - better on

  8. Disable Enemy Damage text - on

  9. Always Show Exp - better off

Reduce ping and server lags/freeze

  1. Change server to better ping and less online

  2. Learn how to be a coder, ask for a Deco about work, solve a connectivity problem for all of us

Additional, but basic error correction or hangup methods

  1. reduce window size (small square at rotmg.io)

  2. try to update flash player or use older

  3. use flash player projector

  4. enable/disable hardware acceleration (flash - settings and chrome - settings) (red? see below)

  5. restart your: pc, router, browser

  6. clear cookie, cache, close another browser tabs

  7. disable: antivirus, firewall

  8. buy better internet or setup internet without router

  9. try use netstat for find traffic thief

  10. update all drivers (driver pack solution)


Red hardware acceleration

  1. Update your windows! flash player

  2. Open up the Internet Explorer (not Chrome, Firefox, Opera)

  3. go to realmofthemadgod.com and open game, no login needed.

  4. Right click - settings - Enable Hardware Accelaration

  5. Open your base browser or steam and check result